Life is like a cup of tea

It's all in how you make it.


A Cup of Tea

is an Excuse

to Share

Great Thoughts

with Great Minds.

The intelligent,
patent-pending tea infuser
that adjusts for
your perfect taste.

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Oh!T Features


Outer Lid: The outer lid is a cork component that can close off the tea brewer, preventing heat from escaping. As more than a lid, it’s also a drip tray once the lid removes the infuser, preventing leaking and mess.


Tea Infuser: This tiny metal ball works like any other infuser. Throw in your favorite tea and drop it into the tea container. Use the outer lid to move the ball, placing it either at the bottom of the brew, or towards the top of a less-strong resulting taste


Why          ? 

We all want to enjoy our tea. It’s our me-time. 

Here are a few problems solved by this new invention:


User Centered Design


Specially design container bottom to ensure the tea ball rolls easily and evenly for the best result.


Transparent Design


Grants a visual experience of the tea and stimulates the senses of sight, touch and smell alike.


Minimal water burns


We’ve all been there; we go to grab our favorite tea, only to receive burns from the water, or even from the steam. With Oh!T, you can keep your hands out of the way as you brew the tea to your liking.

Brew strength control


Move the ball as little or as frequently as you want, controlling the exact taste of tea by the time it’s all done. If you like strong tea, simply drop the ball to the bottom of the brew. If you like light tea, leave the ball halfway-submerged and set a timer.


For orders to Taiwan, please visit zeczec.com

For orders to Taiwan, please visit zeczec.com

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