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As a young brand, Get The Pong solves everyday problems with a sense of humor in product design. We create user-centric designs that embrace simplicity and practicality.

In the past 3 years, we’ve developed several Kickstarter projects and successfully brought our products to international markets, including Taiwan, Japan, the USA and more, with more than a thousand backers who supported our projects! We’re so delighted to announce that we were 1 of the 6 teams who got a chance to collaborate with Hong Kong premium brands via the 2021 ReMIX program.

Our crossover with Camel, the only Hong Kong based vacuum flask manufacturer since 1940, reminded us the importance of preserving local brands and designs, as they have preserved our cultures throughout the years. We aspire to develop more products in the near future that tell our unique story.

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Since 2020, online shopping has become our new normal, in which we discovered the valuable opportunity to introduce ourselves to overseas markets. We’ve decided to not only include our own products, but also feature high quality local designer products, especially designs that were born from the ReMIX program.


Get The Pong

will strive to become a quality lifestyle store that

gathers local designer items that tell meaningful stories.

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HEY! Come and Get the Pong!

We are a young designer brand based in Hong Kong since 2018. We offer products that are designed to improve everyday life, to inspire and empower our community, and to put a smile on your face. The way we incorporate modern touches and fun twists in our designs is what always makes us different.

Industrial Designer


Something more than a retail store — a gallery that showcases designer products and artworks.


Get the Pong isn’t just a brand that belongs to Pong, but also a platform that gathers locally designed items that tell meaningful stories behind. We observed that local arts and cultures have been increasingly relished by Hong Kong communities, and we believe it is our responsibility, being a part of Hong Kong based designers, to bring local designs and values to communities around the globe. 

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With our passion for making small innovations that aim to make a difference, Get the Pong provides professional design services and creates user-driven products, after deepening our understanding of the background of our clients,the current problems and trends involved, in order to ensure smoother communication and maximum efficiency at the product development and production stage. 

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