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Dimensions: 30cm x 25cm x 4.5cm
Weight: 200g


  • Recycle | Art | Planting | Inherited


    Old shirt :

    • Recycle the old shirt and make it into a vase.
    • It is not to give a third party to recycle and reuse, you can rebuild and reuse old shirts by your own


    Art vase :

    • Cut the old shirt into a specified size, and use Resin Art to make your "Resin Cloth Vase”, share with family and friends.
    • Change the use of old shirts and present it in another way.


    Planting :

    • Cut the excess of old shirt into small pieces, put it in the soil, and wait 4 ~ 5 months for it to completely decompose naturally to make your “Old shirt New soil"
    • Parents buy clothes for their children
    • The clothes are worn out
    • Then the clothes are made into "Resin Cloth Vase" and inherit to the next generation
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